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HL7 Europe has published it's 10th Anniversary Newsletter.

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Affiliate Fact Files

Each affiliate is going to provide some facts about it's organization. Please feel free to browse through it by clicking on the "facts pill" close to its name.

Implementation Guides

HL7-EU is participating in creating European implementation guides (based on FHIR) that are also published on this site.

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Latest News

European mHealthHub:
What mHealth support should a European knowledge centre offer?

The European mHealthHub seeks to identify demand-driven services that are attractive and useful for mHealth stakeholders. The survey takes less than 10 minutes. Your input is greatly appreciated! You can also sign up here for the mHealth Hub newsletter.

What mHealth support should a European knowledge centre offer? Share your views and help define the services of the European mHealthHub.

Short survey: https://bit.ly/mHealthSurvey1

The European Commission has unveiled an action plan to address barriers to the full use of digital solutions in Europe's healthcare systems (07/12/2012)

The goal is to improve healthcare for the benefit of patients, give patients more control of their care and bring down costs. While patients and health professionals are enthusiastically using telehealth solutions and millions of Europeans have downloaded smartphone apps to keep track of their health and wellbeing, digital healthcare has yet to reap its great potential to improve healthcare and generate efficiency savings.


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