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Year of establishment


Number of members

11 members.

Current Chair

Sofia Stokholm

Sofia Vork Stokholm, but we will have an election September 3. Where I expect Jens Kristian Villadsen to become the next official chair of HL7-DK

Who is the Technical Lead and working groups

Jens Kristian Villadsen
Working groups: FHIR, and strategic developme

Some highlights and major achievements - since establishment

Cooperation with government institutions

HL7-Dk has member representation from government institutions and from municipalities which gives room for corporation and professional discussions.

Project Highlights

Start a FHIR working group: completing a profile on the patient link: https://build.fhir.org/ig/hl7dk/dk-core/

Events, e.g. IHIC

  • HL7 Denmark have more than once been invited to join and speak on one of the largest healthcare conferences in DK e-sundhedsobservatoriet.dk
  • We have held Hackathons on FHIR.

Plans for the future?

HL7-DK is looking at changing the affiliate structure and thereby getting more support from Danish stakeholders. HL7-DK wants to contribute to a common understanding and use of FHIR in the Danish and Nordic market, developed in collaboration and common understanding with Danish authorities. We want to increase awareness of the use of FHIR, among developers and municipalities and share our process with HL7 International. The first national FHIR Implementation Guides are expected to be published within 2020.

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