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Current Chair

Jari Porrasmaa

Chair is currently Jari Porrasmaa, CDO of Hospital district of central Finland.

Jari has been involved in HL7 finland for 12 working in the technical committee and also internationally in the SOA WG. With over 20 years of healthcare ICT and integration experience. Most of his working career has focused on architecture issues relating to the Finnish national architecture and IT service (www.kanta.fi). It provides national coverage social and healthcare information (prescription, health records, social care, personal health record).

Who is the Technical Lead and working groups

HL7 finland has working groups on: Technical committee (overarching technical coordination) Personal health IHE Technical lead is Timo Kaskinen / Salivirta. Co-chairs of working groups are listed on the website.

Some highlights and major achievements - since establishment

Cooperation with government institutions

  • Collaboration with ministry of social affairs and health on national architecture and services starting from 2004.
  • Working with institute of health and wellbeing on national issues and data content

Project Highlights

  • Localization of V2 messaging in 1995
  • National specs for prescription and national health repository

Events, e.g. IHIC

  • IHE showcase in the biggest national convention
  • FHIR event in the national social and healthcare event in 2016

Plans for the future?

  • Focus on FHIR activities, especially in the personal health records space and also in the EHR space with large regional projects (Apotti, Aster, Una).
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