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28 as of August 2020

Current Chair

Alexander Berler

Dr. Alexander Berler has an MSc in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Medical Informatics. He was affiliated with the Electrical Engineering Department, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, as a Postgraduate Student and Research Associate in the areas of healthcare information systems interoperability, medical informatics and telemedicine until 1999. He has worked at Information Society SA, the Greek official governmental information technology project office, as a project director responsible for the large healthcare informatics projects of the Greek government until 2006. He is currently employed as the Director of consulting services department at Gnomon Informatics with an expertise in international projects related to e-health, e-procurement and e-government. He is an active member of the openNCP community on the creation of tools for cross border healthcare across Europe and beyond. He is also acting as the IHE services director on behalf of IHE Europe, promoting the use of international standards via the IHE Technical frameworks and Integration profiles. He is a member of several societies, institutes and organizations (IEEE, ACM, etc), a member of several IHE Europe Committees and the Chair of HL7 Hellas, the Greek HL7 International Affiliate. More information available at: http://gr.linkedin.com/in/aberler/

Technical Lead and working groups

Dr Haralambos Karanikas, member of the Board

Some highlights and major achievements - since establishment

  • HL7 Hellas has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Greek Ministry of Health (July 2020). To operationalization of the collaboration will be presented and reaffirmed in the next HL7 Hellas GA in 2020.
  • HL7 Hellas supported for 3 consecutive years the Health IT conference, since 2017, co organized with the Ministry of Health jointly with many other national and international organization, creating a new national regular ehealth conference.
  • HL7 Hellas organises one interoperability tutorial each year in parallel with its GA event.
  • HL7 Hellas is actively supporting the Ministry of Health concerning the establishment of a national interoperability framework based on the use of HL7 standards. We provided scientific and technical support to the application the Greek state did to finance the implementation of the National interoperability framework to be implemented in the next years (2019+).
  • HL7 Hellas supported the MoH in participating in the EU funded proposal called XeHealth, where HL7 Hellas is a named subcontractor to the MoH. The project kicked-off on September the 2nd, 2020. In addition HL7 Hellas has participated in other EU funded project either as a consortium member (Antilope) or as a subcontractor (eStandards).
  • There are close synergies with the medical society of Athens a membership organization representing about 30000 medical doctors. This is one of the strategic priorities of HL7-Hellas to be pursued in the following years
  • HL7-Hellas has supported IDIKA SA the Greek government authority responsible for the ePrescription system
  • HL7-Hellas is a stakeholder in the eHealth committee of the Greek Standardization Body (ELOT) which represents ISO in Greece.
  • HL7 Hellas is officially a member of the ESDHY (National Governance Board for Electronic Healthcare since 6.11.2015). HL7 Hellas participated in all ESDHY meetings and is responsible for the working group on the National Interoperability Framework. Participation to this High level stakeholders' committee was reaffirmed in 2018.
  • Several of our members made several announcements and publications concerning the need to comply to international standards in ehealth.
  • HL7 Hellas is also working closely with ESPY, the Greek Foundation of Health IT software companies.
  • We have organized the IHIC twice in 2008 and 2017 very successfully.

Plans for the future?

  • Organize FHIR implementation guide working groups
  • Support the Greek National eHealth Interoperability Framework
  • Extend the collaboration with the Ministry and other relevant stakeholders
  • Continue to organize or co-organise a major eHealth event in Greece every year.
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