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This is the new Wiki for HL7 Europe. It is currently under construction....

HL7 Europe

Current Projects

Formalization of epSOS Patient Summary, ePrescription and eDispensation documents using ART-DECOR

Templates DSTU R1 formalization of the European Cross-Borders (epSOS) Patient Summary, ePrescription and eDispensation documents using ART-DECOR for optimal implementation guidance materials, validation and content testing support

The scope of this project is to support the European Project EXPAND, aligning the epSOS CDA specifications for Patient Summary, ePrescription and eDispensation currently available in ART-DECOR formalized in the Templates DSTU R1 (http://art-decor.org/art-decor/decor-project--epsos-) with the latest approved changes and assuring the involvement of the European HL7 community in the QA process of these specifications.

It is out of scope to review the content and/or the templates chosen by the epSOS and EXPAND projects for the covered documents (e.g. Patient Summary, ePrescription). For example is not in the scope of this project to determine if the result section should be used beyond the scope identified in epSOS (conveying the blood group), or is it's worth to use an organizer instead of a simple observation for transferring this information.

Project Scope Statement HL7 International


Find here short description of available tools (list nascent)