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Year of establishment

November 2006

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21 members

Current Chair

Florica Moldoveanu

Florica Moldoveanu, PhD engineer in Computer Science, is full professor at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, from POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest beginning with 1995. Before that she was hired in the same faculty as Assistant professor, Lecturer and Associate professor. She was Vice-dean of the faculty for master and PhD studies in the period 2008-2016 and coordinates the master programs "Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Reality" and "Management in Information Technology" of the same faculty.

She is teaching Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Software Engineering. Also, she coordinates PhD studies beginning with 2000. Until now, 31 students finished successfully their PhD thesis under her coordination (http://doctorat.acs.pub.ro/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/m-Scientific-Offer-F_Moldoveanu.pdf). Along years she contributed to many European or national research projects, as project director, UPB responsible or project team member. Her research interests are in the areas of Computer Vision, Real Time Computer Graphics, application of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the medical field, e-Health. She published over 260 scientific papers as author or co-author (https://cs.pub.ro/index.php/people/userprofile/florica_moldoveanu), 26 books and is co-author of on-line courses in partnership with European universities (http://mydecamp.eu/). Also, she is co-author of the standard ISO IEEE 11073-20601, Dec. 2008: Health informatics - Personal health device communication Part 20601: Application profile- Optimized Exchange Protocol.

Florica Moldoveanu is a founding member of the HL7 Romania Association and president of the association since its establishment until now. Along years, she contributed to the popularization of HL7 standards in Romania through research projects with the IT industry, where he promoted their use, but also the coordination of doctoral studies aimed at using HL7 standards and conformance testing.

Technical Lead and working groups

The technical committee is composed of companies Info World, UTI, Siveco, Softeh Plus, TotalSoft, Dedalus TeamNet, Drift Data, Gama IT and University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. We have working groups for: educational activities, relationship with medical IT industry, relationship with medical institutions and Ministry of Public Health.

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