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In 1993 Sergey finished RSMU, medbio faculty as medical cybernetic specialist. In 1996 he got PhD. From 1999 he works at medbio faculty. The PhD topic was "Automated monitoring of a small bowel myoelectric activity in patients with spilled peritonitis in the early postoperative period".

After finishing university, Sergei has been working as intensivist in the surgery department. Now he works at Federal Research Institute Health Organization and Informatics of MoH of the Russia.

Research interests are: informatization of intensive care units activity, scoring disease severity and outcome and resource planning, integration of CDA v2.0 standard, EHR integration, principles of creating and interaction of hospital information systems.

Sergey is one of the founders of HL7 Russia and from 2014 he is a president of HL7 Russia.

In October 2019 Sergei participated in a conference for IT developers in medicine dedicated to the HL7 FHIR standard. He reported on the use of standards for the exchange of electronic medical data in the Russian Federation.

Technical Lead

Rodionov Vitaly

Some highlights and major achievements - since establishment

Cooperation with government institutions

Cooperation with the Ministry of health. The CDMA standard is accepted for use at the "state level".

Project Highlights

EHR, EHR registry


IMT 2019, Organization of HL7 standards training.

Plans for the future

EHR registry extension, FHIR implementation guides, plan to make united MDM service