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EHR-S FM FP Designer Tool

Identifying information
Name EHR-S FM FP Designer Tool
Latest version 2.15.1120
Developed by Results4Care B.V.
Owned by HL7 International
Abstract This tool has been designed for supporting the development and the management of the System Functional Models (e.g. HL7 EHR-S; PHR-S) and related Profiles for the HL7 EHR WG. The tool includes exporting the Electronic Health Record System Functional Model (EHR-S FM) from the earlier spreadsheets into XML format. The XML was imported in Enterprise Architect and is there further managed in Unified Language Modeling based packages and structures. These allow more consistent work through an XML based validator which can be run by the user any time to guide maintenance of the Functional Model. Finally, when all changes are carried out, the XML exports into HL7 MAX. HL7 is working on MAX as their publication format. The MAX files render html for the webpublication, pdf for documents and Excel spreasheets.
Maturity Used for the Publication of the standard HL7 EHR-S R2 - Normative and several related profiles.
Classification data
  • Business/Clinical requirements specification
    • Requirements management systems
  • Base Standard specification
    • Standard development
    • Publication tool
  • Profile (template) specification
    • Profile development
  • Procurement Support
    • Requirements management systems
Use local
Distribution On Premise
Access to the tool Free
Source code accessibility Not open
Distribution information
Tool location (URL) http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/project/ehrsfm_profile/frs/
Source code location (URL) NA
Info pages (URL) http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/project/ehrsfm_profile/frs/
Version 2.15.1120
Tool location (URL)
Source code location (URL)
Info pages (URL)
Other Infos
(supported) Profiles Any kind of EHR-S FM Profile.
(supported) Base standards HL7 ISO EHR-S Funtional Model
Adopted standards UML
In part of Not Applicable
Uses (a platform that may use different modules to work) Not Applicable
Requires Enterprise Architect
Used by HL7 EHR Working Group for EHR-S FM standard and profile (US REALM) maintenance and publication.
HL7 Italy for the "Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico" Funtional Profile
Integration capabilities (with other tools)
May this tool be integrated with other tools? Yes
Integration description The HL7 Interchange format (HL7 MAX ) can be used for exporting / importing requirements and criteria to and from other tools (e.g. Requirements Databases; .). Used By HL7 Italy in its profile maintenance process.
Info pages
Integrated tool Micorsoft Access
Supported import/export formats HL7 MAX format; XMI (for the UML model)
Supported (in/out) standards/profiles Not Applicable