v2+ Vocabulary
0.2.0 - Working Draft to present the concept ideas (FO)

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V2+ Vocabulary

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/v2plusvocab/ImplementationGuide/hl7v2plus.v2.uv.vocab Version: 0.2.0
Draft as of 2024-01-18 Computable Name: HL7v2v2plusVocabulary

This is just the very first rough draft.

Introduction to v2+ Vocabulary Management

This is the introductory page that explains how vocabulary should be managed for v2+.


Use of FHIR Artifacts

FHIR, especially Codesystems and Value Sets provides a very good technology to administer, maintain, and distribute the content for v2 vocabulary.

Problem Space

v2x maintains its vocabulary as so-called tables. A table in that context could be:

  • a concept-domain (w/ or w/o examples values), at minimum
  • a value set, locally defined, referencing v2 or foreign vocabulary
  • a codesystems

The v2 tables project has done its best years ago, to determine what each table in specific represents. In doing so, many errors have been identified an corrected. Unfortunately, not all - at least not according to what we know today.

History (of moving v2 vocabulary into UTG)

Some years ago, HL7 has decided to maintain all vocabulary, i.e. for all product families, within UTG - the Unified Terminology Governance. Therefore, the indirect source of truth for v2 vocabulary - the HL7 comprehensive database - has been taken, vocabualry was extracted, and converted into a UTG representation. Unfortunately, the primary approach was to keep the tables perspective up and alive.

Today we know, that - esp. with the v2+ project - we have to migrate the v2 vocabulary into the common voabulary representation focusing on codesystems and value sets.

AS a consequence:

  • UTG contains codesystems and value sets, that are not good for use (examples only)
  • wrong versioning
  • wrong typing
  • missing values
  • missing codesystem and value properties
  • has unneccessary details (taken from the database)

Therefore, the current v2 vocabulary representation in UTG has to be replaced with a correct v2+ representation to become the official source of truth for v2 vocabulary.

Open Topics

The following is a list of open topics that still need to be realized:

  • ConceptDomain
    • new propertyto represent table_type
    • sort codes alphabetically
  • CodeSystem
    • property for realm/country
  • ValueSet

.. and - of course ..

  • vocabulary content (source of truth) verification