v2+ Vocabulary
0.1.0 - Working Draft to present the concept ideas (FO)

v2+ Vocabulary - Local Development build (v0.1.0). See the Directory of published versions

Concept Domains

The content of the tables is converted into FHIR equivalents, i.e. primarily Value Sets and CodeSystems. Beside that, further details are necessary to keep track of tables. This is achieved by using a codesystem called concept domain. This codesystem is equipped with properties to codes to maintain the necessary details.

Following is a reference list to the different concept domains for v2.x versions:

Version Concept Domain explanation
v2.1 Concept Domain for v2.1  
v2.2 Concept Domain for v2.2  
v2.9 Concept Domain for v2.9  
v2.9.1 Concept Domain for v2.9  

Properties of Codesystem

The codes are equipped with properties:

Code Type Description Cardinality
tableNumber string in which table is this concept used [1..1]
exampleValue string example value(s) for a concept domain that provides some example values [0..*]
vocabType string type of vocabulary behind this concept: ConceptDomain (only), ValueSet and/or CodeSystem [0..1]

vocabType property

The property vocabType has the following meaning:

Value Meaning
ConceptDomain only a vocabulary domain without a value set or codeystem
ValueSet constructs a set of values from a foreign or v2 codesystem
Classification codesytem with codes for other or unknown
Terminology codesystem that represent a terminology
Ontology ontology
Ruleset set of rules to construct values